Air Conditioner Repair; Investing In State Of The Art HVAC Systems

The level of comfort that people experience when living in your home will depend on among many other things, the state and efficiency of the HVAC system. The ideal system is one that keeps the temperatures warm during the colder months and sufficiently cool during the hotter months while at the same time helping you conserve energy. However, with time and use, even the best of HVAC systems experience wear and tear. If you are experiencing the signs of a tired HVAC system, you should consider calling experts in air conditioner repair to help you look at your systems and decide whether you could benefit from a state of the art HVAC system.

The SEER rating of your system

SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. This is a ratio that determines how much energy your HVAC system is using in order to run. The highest SEER rating is about 20. The new generation of HVAC systems isn’t allowed to have an SEER rating of less than 13. For systems that are older than 5 years, the SEER rating can even go below 6. This will of course mean that they are using a lot of energy to achieve the desired internal climate in the home. When the energy bill is more than 30 percent higher than what you normally pay, it is probably time to consider replacing your system. The experts in air conditioner repair say that the SEER rating shouldn’t go below 10.What are state of the art HVAC systems?

These are the newest technology when it comes to heating and ventilating the indoor spaces where people live in. The process of installing state of the art systems does not start with the buying of the units. As a matter of fact, it starts when the building is being set up. There are architects who will make building designs in a manner that it will help maximize energy efficiency.

The second part comes in the design of the HVAC systems themselves. The latest technology is normally incorporated into the designs. This means that it will be possible to even control the systems remotely and that the systems will even have the ability to learn about your patterns and use them to regulate the internal climate. For instance, the so called smart HVAC systems are able to learn when the occupants of a house are away and turn down the heating during that time. They are also able to turn the heating or cooling back on just in time to make the house ready for the owners return. They are normally connected to apps that make it possible to remotely change their settings from another location using a Smartphone. The experts in air conditioner repair recommend the use of these systems because they save a lot on energy.

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